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3D core intelligence,


The new world of smart living

Core upgrade, more comfortable massage experience upgrade :3D manipulator, intelligent detection,SL guide rail, shoulder and neck pressure release, stretch and stretch, LCD display, zero gravity, Bluetooth music,6 sets of programs, leg expansion, foot roller, body air bag, waist and leg warmth, multi-gear adjustment, pulley movement.

3D manipulator: Manipulator can realize up and down flexible walk

Reach deep into the muscles, with a variety of massage techniques.

"135 cm"

SL extended guide rail: fits the human SL extended guide rail,

Covering from the neck to the thigh, the manipulator moves along the curved rail

Kneading, tapping, kneading, shiatsu, massage, etc...

3D intelligent massage hand: kneading, tapping, shiatsu, massage, kneading/massage

6 SETS of automatic procedures: local fixed point massage, positioning care of different modes, to meet the massage needs of different ages.

Pressurized air wave bag: built-in multiple groups of air bags,

Strength can be adjusted to 6 levels, evenly and orderly extrusion.

Shoulder balloon massage, arm balloon massage, leg balloon massage, foot balloon massage

Warm care: customized constant temperature hot compress for waist and legs,

It warms the whole body.

Simulated space capsule: enjoy a floating massage experience,

Deep V package design, supporting the body.

Private SPA for legs, roller scraping and air bag extrusion, reasonable layout,

Foot massage area, you can also do pedicures at home.

Smart remote control, large screen, real-time control.

One button start, multiple massage procedures,.

Immersive music: rocking to help you fall asleep,

Mobile phone Bluetooth connection playback. Craftsmanship forging, generous simple design, carefully build intimate details.

Armrest inlaid groove, can be placed sundry, can put mobile phone, etc.

Wide touch screen, one click operation



Rated voltage :220-240V~

Rated power: 150W

Box size :150*79.5*132cm

Vertical size :143*76*127.7cm

Net weight: 80 kg

Gross weight: 98 kg